The School understands great importance of games and co-curricular activities. Hence all the students are exhorted to participate in games and sports and cultural activities viz, debates, contOts, quiz, excursions etc. When they are called for these beyond school hours, they must be prgettr


Boys and girls should learn to play in a team spirit and in a spirit of sportsmanship remembering that their behaviour in the field is as important as their bahaviour in the classroom.


Students participating in co-curricular activities must bear all the expenses incurred in costumes etc. as the part of their education.


Parents are required to encourage their children to pariticipate in these healthy activities since their participation infuses the spirit of nationalism and brotherhood and prepares them to face the challenges of life.


All these make them ideal citizens of tomorrow and infuse in them physical, moral and spiritual values because life is the greatest possession of mankind, opportunity once lost is lost forever.